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Sootheze Therapy Products Hot Cold

The original Sootheze Company was founded by two young Licensed Physical Therapists in 1995. The products then were small Buckwheat filled pillows. In 1998 a Teddy bear was introduced and that was the basis for the large product assortment of Sootheze that is sold worldwide today.

Sootheze is considered the leader in the Microwaveable, Aroma Therapy market today!

That status is the result of the high quality of our product, our unique plush designs, the scientific formulation of our filling of USDA Flaxseed and 9 different herbs, the depth of our product line and our devotion to research and product innovation.

Sootheze products fill a broad demographic need. From calming and comforting preschoolers, who love to fall asleep with the warmth and comfort provided by the product; to Seniors in assisted living facilities who cuddle our bears giving them a sense of security and relief.

Through the years we have met many professionals who use our products, particularly the members of the Association for Play Therapy. They have become partners and friends in helping us develop the best quality products for their patients dealing with Autism, Anxiety, and Trauma. Weighted Therapy has proven effective as an Autism Asperger Anxiety ADHD Treatment.

Sootheze have been endorsed and recommended by MD’s and therapists for providing relief to Autistic youth and adults. The products have also been effective in providing relief for arthritis, rheumatism, sore muscles, sports injuries, muscle spasms, cramps and circulation problems.

Sootheze can serve as “Cold Packs” by simply placing them in a Zip Lock plastic bag and placing them in the freezer for two hours or more.

Sootheze are wonderful gift items for all occasions!

Our Chairman, Harry Nizamian was formerly CEO of Dakin Inc.-a large multinational toy and gift company. He personally introduced the famous orange cat in 47 countries after making the first Plush Garfield with Jim Davis in 1981.

Nizamian was awarded the “Marketing Excellence” Award for his role in making Garfield a household word. He is sometimes referred to as “The Father of Garfield”.

Since his association with Sootheze; he and Michael Nichols- CEO and President of Sootheze have agreed that their goal is to make “Sootheze” a Household word in the years to come!

We consider our customers- large and small to be part of our worldwide family.




We encourage all of you to contact us with ideas and suggestions at any time. Please contact us at at any time or just send us an Old Fashioned letter.



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