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With a gentle strength and unique and slightly humorous appearance, our Toasty Sea Manatee appeals to a wide range of people. Evoking thoughts of a relaxing and carefree day spent at the beach, our manatee has an herb and flaxseed filling that enhances the feelings of comfort and provides relief from life’s physical and emotional demands.

Length: 11.5" Long.
Weight: 2lbs.

  • Product Details.

    You are never going to want to put this manatee down! Our hot, cold and aromatherapy products are appropriate year round for anyone with aches and pains. Who can resist the charms of a cute and amazing manatee -- especially one that is filled with lavender, lemon balm and peppermint to provide soothing and refreshing aroma therapy and flax seed for heat and cold treatments? Our soft, plush Toasty Manatee will have you smiling in no time.

    Length:  11.5" Long.
    Weight:  2.4lbs.

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