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Petunia Pig

Petunia Pig


A Toasty Spa Friends animal can help calm a child, soothe aches and pains, speed healing, relieve symptoms of flu, bronchitis, and other illnesses. They can warm up hands and feet, and fill a void caused by a loss or life change. They are ideal for those with arthritis, sore muscles, stress, anxiety, cramps, Alzheimer's, or anyone who needs a little tender loving care. Toasty Spa Friends are a fun and inviting way to provide soothing comfort for the body and mind.

Length: 11" long.
Weight: 1lbs 12oz.

  • Product Details.

    You are never going to want to put this Petunia Pig down! Our hot, cold and aromatherapy products are appropriate year round for anyone with aches and pains. From the tip of its perky peach nose to its matching curly tail, the Toasty Pig is cute as can be. Pigs are unique and popular collectibles, and with its herb and flax seed filling, this Toasty Pig is one of a kind.

    Length:  9.5" Tall.
    Weight:  1lbs 6.4oz.

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