All of the animals in the Toasty Beach Collection are microwaveable, freezable, and filled with our special combination of herbs to provide soothing comfort for the body and mind. They are ideal for those who respond to the healing powers of the sea and for anyone who admires the diverse and amazing inhabitants of our underwater world.

Length: 10" Tall.
Weight: 1lbs. 8oz

Toasty Penguin

SKU: 20087

You are never going to want to put this Penguin down! Our hot, cold and aromatherapy products are appropriate year round for anyone with aches and pains. The striking, contrasting markings of the Toasty Penguin speak of strength and dignity. There are few creatures that possess such beauty and grace. Yet the soft body filled with herbs and flax seed is ideal for hugging.

Length:  10" Tall.
Weight:  1lbs. 8oz

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