Vanilla Bear


The charming and whimsical favorite with soft velvety fur, a stuffed but pliable body, added weight in the bottom, and a wonderful, soothing scent. A fun and unique way to give the gift of heat, cold, and aroma therapy to yourself or someone special.

Length: 14" Tall.
Weight: 4lbs.

Limit to 3 per order

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    Sootheze Toasty Vanilla Bear

    Toasty Vanilla Bear is soft, huggable and well attired in his velvet bow. This cuddly friend, can be heated in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes, and will share with you a comforting, aromatic warmth, that will last from 1-4 hours. A charming companion for everyone ages 3 years and up. The perfect gift!


    Length:  14" Tall.
    Weight:  4lbs.