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We know there are other Heat Cold and Aroma Therapy products on the market that you could choose. However, Sootheze products stand above all of the competition by providing a superior quality product with unique designs and the most scientifically created product on the market. Our research has proven that our combination of Grade A Flaxseed combined with our secret formulation of Lavender & 9 herbs results in the most effective product on the market and the best Heat Retention product as well.


The Market for Sootheze is wide! Some of the niches which we sell to include caregivers dealing with Autism, Asperger, Anxiety, ADHD & PTSD. Our products are also very popular for Yoga, Massage Therapy, Meditation and those looking for our amazing and unique Aromatherapy. Looking for relief from Sleeplessness or just need some good old fashioned stress relief? Look no further.


Combine the best product on the market with outstanding service and you have a winning combination! We believe in customer service and comprehensive re-seller support. We are committed to doing all possible to help you achieve success. Your success is our success! We welcome your ideas, constructive criticism and requests. Call us or E-Mail us anytime. Sootheze will keep you ahead of the competition.



Why Sootheze?


Because we have a superior product, and because the company behind the product is every bit as good. People choose to do business with us because of the combination of great products and a company that is well-run, customer-oriented and here to support our channel partners. We go the extra mile to make sure our customers know how much we care, and it shows in everything we do.



The Sootheze Difference


We want our Resellers to be successful.

We are constantly reviewing our product lines and making changes to market demands.

Please see the notes on new items to be introduced soon.


Good communication is the key to success. That along with excellent product knowledge will bring results. There are some items in the product line that do especially well in Spas. Other items do best in other retail environments. We supply brochures, CD’s and other sales materials as needed. We supply a free Pont of Purchase sign to retailers to help make the end consumer aware that the items displayed are not just “A stuffed Toy.” Sales personnel should show that sign to prospective customers when presenting the line. We can make arrangements to meet with you and your sales personnel to provide training and product knowledge. We plan to develop Webinars at some point in the future.




Sootheze Moments


A very important Market Sector for the sale of Sootheze products is the Senior Market. Many of our Resellers sell to this market sector. Sootheze products are ideal for elderly and ill people who are nearing the end of their lives. Our associates who care for the elderly tell us that Sootheze products are wonderful and they really “WORK.”


Resellers should evaluate and consider selling Sootheze to Hospital Gift Shops, Senior Living centers, Alzheimer’s’ care centers, Pediatric Therapy Centers and Physical Therapy locations


Regardless of who the final consumer is, young or old, All of us at Sootheze truly care about the people who use our product. When we read the testimonials, we feel we have contributed to Society and have fulfilled our philosophical goals as a company and our personal goals as fellow human beings.



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