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Sootheze Cmfy Buddy Collars provide real therapeutc relief.

There are hundreds of ways to use Sootheze Weighted, Heat Cold & Aromatherapy products, and we feel it is important to share those ideas and establish a community where Sootheze customers can help each other. Have you found relief or comfort using one of the methods described throughout the Web site? Have you discovered a new way to use the Sootheze products to help with an ailment, injury, or difficult situation?

We’d love to share your story with other customers who could also benefit from your knowledge. If you have a Sootheze Moment you’d like to tell us about, please e-mail us at, and we’ll include your experience and comments with those listed below. With your help, we can create a powerful health and wellness resource for everyone in the Sootheze community. Tell us how you have used Sootheze to help with Anxiety Sleeplessness Stress Pain Relief or the Weighted Therapy for Autism ADHD PTSD



Lauri G.


I just had to email and let you know how wonderful your bears are. My little boy had to have surgery yesterday, and I got him the (Toasty Sassy) bear as a surprise. He loves it, and its warmth and cuteness comforted him and made him feel protected. It reminds me of a having a warm puppy sleeping in your lap. Thanks so much for your product, and for making yesterday easier on a little boy.

Amanda T. Manager of the Body Department at a large supermarket.


Several customers have come to me and said their children love their Sootheze at bedtime because they stay warm for so long. I’m particularly fond of the pink, blue, yellow and chartreuse bunnies at Easter because the weight on their bottoms is so much like holding a baby. It just feels right to cuddle them.



My child is very active. Sometimes he gets overly excited and I have to give him a timeout. I warm up his Toasty Bear and turn it into a positive, relaxing experience for him instead of a punishment. And it really does help to calm him down.

Cheryl Smith.


My 2 year old son suffers from severe headaches. They occur everyday, all day. He vomits from pain, can't sleep, he whines all day begging for help. It breaks my heart. Medication has not given him any relief. He is presently seeing specialists and facing a multitude of tests. I took him to a store that sold your products and explained that these animals would help him feel better. He was so excited. He picked out the dolphin. He was very proud to show his big brother and sister. He made every smell his new friend. Heat is the one thing I have found that offers him comfort/relief. It makes both of us feel so much better. He is able to find some relief form his pain, and I am able to help my baby. Thank you.

Andy C., Owner/Operator. 333 Bed & Breakfast, Palm Springs, California.

Cold & Flu Symptoms.

When I had bronchial flu, I heated up the Sootheze Toasty Bear and it really helped me breathe and sleep much better. The herbs broke up the congestion in my chest and the warmth help me sleep at night. We now sell Sootheze products at our bed and breakfast.

Many customers describe how a Sootheze product has eased cold and flu symptoms. Put a warm Body Wraps or Hot & Cold Therapy Pad around your neck or snuggle with a teddy bear, bunny or other cuddly Toasty Animal and you will likely feel your symptoms ease.

Robin H. California.

Circulation, Neck & Back Pain, & Other Ongoing Discomforts.

My mother has problems with circulation and she is not able to move around much. I gave her one of the Sootheze Hot & Cold Therapy Pads and it really helps her stay warm.

I used to experience frequent neck discomfort and sometimes pain, then I bought a Sootheze Buckwheat Hull Pillow two and a half years ago soon after we opened our Healing Store. I haven't had any discomfort or pain since. I recommend them to all my client/patients with neck problems. - Juda A., Certified Massage Therapist at Mills-Peninsula Health Services.

Jen, Colorado.

Menstrual Cramps, Headache, Stress, & Other Situational Discomfort.

I'm a high school student who suffers from insomnia and very bad menstrual cramps. My mom had gotten me my green toasty rabbit in an effort to help my cramps and help me get to sleep better and it worked. I now cant go anywhere without [Rosemary] and I'm not sure how I would survive my school schedule that I have with the lack of sleep I was getting. I recommend all toasty bear products to everyone- I loved my bunny so much that I bought my best friend, she's a ski racer, a toasty pig to help heal her soar muscles!


Studies show that menstrual cramps can be eased with heat therapy. Warm a Sootheze product in the microwave and place it on your lower abdomen to spread soothing, radiant heat throughout the affected area. The aroma therapy also eases irritability, emotional stress and other PMS symptoms.

Sootheze products provide cold therapy without the burning, uncomfortable cold associated with ice packs. Body Wraps and Toasty Collars work especially well because they are longer and can wrap around a knee, leg, arm or neck. 

Rochelle, Program Manager at a Senior Living Facility.

Living in Senior Home/Hospice.

Staff at senior communities tell us that Sootheze Toasty Bears & Friends are popular with their residents who are having trouble adjusting to their new surroundings. The soft bodies and weighted bottoms make for a huggable and comforting companion, and the aroma therapy helps calm their anxieties.

Professionals that work with ill and aged patients tell us that they feel Sootheze products are ideal for those who are nearing the end of their lives. When treatment is no longer viable and the focus is on making people more comfortable, the heat and aroma therapy are very effective. Not only do they provide physical comfort, they can help ease fears and anxieties. In addition, the Toasty Bears & Friends help people feel less alone.

Sootheze Toasty Bears (and other products) provide a nice alternative way to get people comfortable. I can see them being useful for chronic pain and end-of-life therapy. They also help elicit a response from those with progressed Alzheimer’s..

Dorothy S.

Loss of Loved One, Living Alone.

I shared in the Sootheze comment section that my son had died & how much the Sootheze Toasty Bear had helped me. The president of the company emailed me right away to offer condolences. I couldn’t believe it, and this kindness made a total difference in my life. I truly believe that everyone should have a Toasty Bear to bring peace & comfort. This company is the best I’ve ever dealt with.

When a loved one passes away it can leave an empty feeling and people often want to hold or hug something. A Toasty Bears & Friends animal is perfect for this and the aroma therapy helps ease emotional distress.

Even though children going off to college seem all grown up, they still get homesick or may have trouble adjusting to their new environment. A Sootheze Toasty Bears & Friends animal lets them bring a piece of home with them, and the aroma therapy has been shown to help clear the mind and improve performance on mathematical calculations..

Anonymous, California.

Recovering From Surgery.

My mother had to go in for a hysterectomy. We gave her a Toasty Bear while she was in the hospital and she just loved it. She said the lavender and other herbs made her feel less tired and the warm snuggly body comforted her while she recovered at home. She heated up the bear and snuggled it in the blankets with her while she read a book.

After surgery or an injury to a knee or hip, people are supposed to stay off their feet. For busy people, this can be difficult. They fidget and worry about what isn’t getting done around the house or they just have a hard time sitting still because they are used to being active. The lavender and other herbs in Sootheze products have a calming effect and can be put in the freezer for a couple of hours and used in place of an ice pack.

 Jodi, Sootheze Office Manager.

Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Dementia.

An international company with over 370 senior communities around the world uses the Toasty Bears as part of their therapy programs, especially when working with Alzheimer’s patients. They tell us that the bears provide an age-appropriate, dignified way to help patients with dementia, anxiety, and depression. The bears are also available for purchase by the family members because residents often become very attached to the therapy bears and don’t want to give them up. 

I have been told that Alzheimer’s patients and others with altered thinking become attached to the Toasty Bears and won’t put them down. The bear is their companion. The weight feels like a baby and naturally makes people want to cradle it. They feel a sense of purpose and enjoy having something to care for.

Roxanne D. Minnesota.

Arthritis, Lupus, & Other Muscle/Joint Conditions.

Because of my fibromyalgia, I have tried to learn as much as possible about aromatherapy and its uses as a medical treatment. I want a natural way to treat this my symptoms instead of taking drugs. The Sootheze products have a perfect combination of herbs to soothe my aches and calm and refresh my mind. There are other aromatherapy products, but I haven’t found any of this quality, with both luxurious fabrics and fun stuffed animals. I know where I will be doing my Christmas shopping this year!

People with chronic fatigue can benefit from heat therapy and aroma therapies such as those provided by Sootheze products.



Going to a new day care provider can be a stressful experience for a child. Parents have told us that they let their children bring their Toasty Bears & Friends with them to provide a familiar and comforting companion. And the aroma therapy and warm cuddly body helps them relax and sleep better at naptime.

Other Creative Uses.

*Use on dogs and cats with muscle or joint pain.
*Put in the car in warm months and make your whole vehicle smell nice.
*Put in shoes or boots to warm up before shoveling, snowmobiling, skiing, and other winter outdoor activities.

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